Royal Horticultural Halls, London Tuesday 3 March 2020

Sangiovese is Italy’s most planted red grape by far. This very fact, however, tends to obscure that it is also one of Italy’s – and the world’s – best varieties, capable of producing compelling, long lasting wines full of personality. Not only that: except for Pinot Noir, this noble grape is able like no other to convey a clear message of origin and originality right into the glass. It is as fickle as Pinot Noir too: this primadonna does not respond well to anything less than the best sites and low yields, whilst in the cellar it demands a hands-off, low-intervention approach to show its greatness.
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Campinuovi at Retourn to Terroir – La renaissance des appellations


Dear Friends,

we like to provide you some information for our next tasting in Vienna, MQ – Museumsquartier, sunday 10.06.2018, from 11 to 19. The tasting will take place in the halls: Arena21 and Ovalhalle (next to the main entry).

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