Our History

Life together on Earth amongst the vineyards, our happiness.
Daniele e Nadia

Daniele Rosellini and Nadia Riguccini are the owners of Campinuovi.

Daniele, a Tuscan with Pescia origins. With a degree in Agricultural Science obtained in Florence, he specializes in Viticulture and Oenology in Turin. In 1994 he returned to Tuscany and met the man who he considers his Master, Giulio Gambelli.
Together they work in Montalcino at the “Case Basse” of Gianfranco Soldera and afterwards in Mercatale Valdarno at the “Fattoria Petrolo” of the Sanjust family.

Daniele begins his work in the vineyards and wine cellars together with Gambelli.

He learns that wine comes from the soil, from the sun, from the rain and from the wind. Working directly in the vineyards he learns the craft of winemaking, caring for the plants, learning to enhance their health and balance, so that they can bear the best possible grapes.

He follows the same guidelines in the wine cellar as well: accompany the “birth” of the wine in the most natural way; he learns to respect and understand the fact that human intervention should only enhance the features that are already in the grapes.

Nadia, Tuscan born in Sansepolcro. Both her parents are farmers and they passed the passion for this difficult but noble job over to her right from childhood.

After obtaining her degree in Agricultural Science in Florence she follows her major interests by attending courses on organic farming and biodynamic agriculture and also takes a second degree in Herbal Medicine. After working for the European Community, on rural development projects, and as a consultant agronomist, today Nadia is busy running the business together with Daniele, involved hands-on from the vineyard to the sales & marketing.

We have come together with the aim of making agriculture a part of our lives.

Since we came together we created Campinuovi and raised three beautiful children: Caterina, Giovanni and Matteo.